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Private Guided Hiking Tours In Israel
Israel Extreme » Private Guided Hiking Tours In Israel

Private tour in Israel: Hiking in Israel

Private Guided Hiking in Israel

If you are the kind of person who enjoys trekking the land, exploring nature, being amidst the greenery, waterfalls and deserts, then Israel Extreme is the answer for you! Israel Extreme offers a wide variety of adventurous hikes in Israel. We have exactly what you are looking for. Off-the-beaten-track hiking adventures throughout the land of Israel is our specialty. These hikes are impossible to do without a licensed and knowledgeable expert guide who has the appropriate gear and equipment necessary for the specific hike. A variety of our hikes in Israel require a guide due to either the involvement of rappelling/abseiling, rock climbing, needing their expert knowledge of navigating the specific terrain, or because it is one of our special hikes which are closed to the general public. We cooperate with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority and receive special permits to travel to these exclusive sites.

In Israel we have one of the most diverse and vast array of hikes squeezed into a teeny tiny country. Did you know that Israel has 67 national parks, 190 nature reserves and over 6,000 miles of hiking trails, and is one of the countries with the most marked hiking in Israel trails per capita in the world? You get to choose from hiking the volcanic canyons of the Golan or hiking at high altitudes in the snow of Mt. Hermon, hiking through forests in the north or hiking in the forests surrounding Jerusalem, hiking through the limestone canyons in the Judaen desert or hiking through the desert plains, hiking through the dunes in the Negev or hiking the salt mountains of Sodom.

At Israel Extreme, our focus when planning a hiking adventure in Israel for you is the perfect match between your expectations and ability, i.e. your specific group (whether you are hiking alone, with family, or a group of friends, the age level of all hikers, and physical abilities of the hiker/s), the level of difficulty you are interested in, length of the hike, and the season of the year. We will connect your expectations with the perfect hike just for you!

We offer some of the most extreme and adventurous hikes which require experience and being in top physical shape, and on the other hand, we even offer hikes throughout Israel which can be done casually with a stroller, and of course, everything in between. In any season of the year, in the heat of summer or the chill of winter, Israel Extreme has a variety of hiking adventures especially for you!

Private tour in Israel: Hiking in Israel

Planning Your Private Hike in Israel

As a general rule for hiking in Israel, it is recommended that you plan desert hikes for the wintertime and hikes in the north of Israel for the summertime. Of course, there are some hikes that don’t fit into this general rule, such as the desert hike of Nachal Rachaf, where the best time to do this hike is in the summertime, and the northern hike of Mt. Arbel, where you have the best weather and views in the wintertime.

Before you plan your private hike in Israel you will need to decide what you would like to focus on: scenic views or extreme adventure, history or waterfalls, a challenging hike or an easy more relaxed hike, desert or tropical forests, fauna or special birds (with over 500 million migrating birds and with well over 230 species of birds travelling through Israel annually on migrations between Europe, western Asia and Africa, and with over 270 species of birds native to Israel, for bird watching lovers, Israel is considered the Garden of Eden!).

We offer hikes as short as 30 minutes, as long as a few days as in Yam l’Yam, or even longer with hiking the Israel National trail which usually takes between 40-60 days. For people who prefer the multiple-day hikes in Israel, we highly recommend combining disparate adventurous day-hikes through various parts of Israel in order to gain within a few days completely different types of really amazing hikes. Either way, a multiple-day hike or multiple day-hikes, the nights in between you can camp outdoors with your expert Israel Extreme guide, stay in a hotel, or Bed & Breakfast.

Another very unique option we offer is night hiking with Israel Extreme. Hiking at night with the brilliance of the full moon or with the sky bounding with twinkling stars on a moonless night gives hiking a whole new experience. You will observe a completely different aspect of nature and the land, especially the many wildlife and birds which only come out at night.

Private tour in Israel: Hiking in Israel

Private Hiking in the Golan

Hiking in the Golan and Hiking in the Golan Heights
Hikes in the Golan are characterized by waterfalls of all sizes flowing into clean and chilly streams which traverse the hills and mountains towards the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret), and canyons and extinct volcanos where you can swim, rappel/abseil, and rock climb, for example as in the adventurous hikes of Black Canyon and Yehodiya. The landscape of the Golan is defined by its’ dark soil and black lava rocks spread as far as the eye can see. The edge of the worlds’ second largest lava plateau begins/ends here in the Golan and runs continuously through Jordan and Syria all the way to Iraq. Naturally, the Golan has much archeology and history, snow in the winter, special hexagonal lava formations, a wide variety of fauna native to the area, many birds and the largest community of eagles in the land of Israel.
Recommended season for hiking in the Golan: Summer, spring and autumn.

Private tour in Israel: Hiking in Israel

Private Hiking in the Galil

Hiking in the Galilee, Hiking in the Upper Galilee, Hiking in the west Galilee, Hiking in Safed/Tzfat/Tsfat/Tsfas, Hiking in Tiberias/Taveria and Hiking in Nahariya
This region is characterized by mountains (mostly limestone), a lot of green woodlands and foliage, and a variety of wildlife. Many of the most amazing adventure hikes in the Galil, such as Keshet Multi-pitch and Gitta,require a licensed guide and special gear, and include as well rappelling/abseiling, rock climbing, caving and zip lines. This area includes a vast amount of history, many 100’s of archaeological sites and ruins, breathtaking views, magnificent beaches, and a few tiny islands in the sea. On one side we have the Mediterranean Sea and on the other we have the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret).
Recommended season for hiking in the Galil: all year round!

Private tour in Israel: Hiking in Israel

Private Hiking Near Jerusalem

Hiking near Jerusalem and Hiking in the Judaen Mountains (Harei Yehuda)
This is an extremely mountainous region, characterized by its’ many hills and valleys. Almost everywhere you look there are awe-inspiring views, and ruins and relics from the times of both Holy Temples and before. There is a need to be very knowledgeable and familiar with the region in order to navigate and lead a hike through this most magnificent part of the land of Israel. This area has a variety of exciting and thrilling hikes, such as Haritun Cave, rock climbing at Ein Fara with a hike to Ein Mabua, and Nachal Tamarim, which require an Israel Extreme licensed expert guide and the use of special gear for rappelling/abseiling, rock climbing, caving/spelunking, zip lining and swimming.
Recommended season for Hiking Near and Around Jerusalem: Spring, winter and autumn, but there are also a few options which are quite appropriate for the hot summer months.

Private tour in Israel: Hiking in Israel

Private Hiking in the Judaen Desert

Hiking near the Dead Sea area, Hiking in the south of Israel, Hiking in the Negev, and Hiking the Craters of Israel (Machteshim) 
Thispart of Israel has a more harsh landscape and more challenging terrain. It is characterized by its’ desert and mountains. The wondrous views and extra-ordinary quiet are unique to this region which has the largest variety of adventure hikes in Israel. There are many canyoneering hikes in this region which require the use of ropes, and where you must swim, rappel, and rock climb in order to complete the hike. The combination of the yellow desert sand with the bright blue Dead Sea is exhilarating and inspiring. This region demands from our Israel Extreme guides’ expert knowledge and experience of the desert, and a high familiarity with the specific hike. Even though this part of Israel is known for its’ adventurous and challenging hikes, we also offer a variety of hikes throughout the desert which are suitable for families with young children and people with no experience at all. Of course, whoever is looking for tough, ambitious and adventurous hiking in Israel, this region is heaven on earth!
Recommended season for Hiking in the Judaen Desert: winter, spring, and autumn. In the summer it is just too hot for most of the hikes, but we do offer a few very special hikes through water in the Judaen Desert which are perfect for summertime such as: Nachal Darja, and Nachal Rachaf, and a variety of amazing night hikes in the Judaen Desert which we take people to year-round by the light of the moon and stars.

Private tour in Israel: Hiking in Israel

Private Hiking in the Center of Israel

Hiking Near Tel Aviv and Hiking Around Tel Aviv
Hikes in this region are more level and flat, with fields of agriculture, and are generally more moderate. Here, like any other part of Israel, there are 100’s of ruins and archaeological sites, and of course there are some more adventurous hikes in this area too, such as Shilat, which require special knowledge and gear. Your hike in the Tel Aviv area can easily be combined with another tour close by, such as caving or with natural springs.
Recommended season for Hiking Near and Around Tel Aviv: Spring, winter and autumn, but there are also a few options which are quite appropriate for the hot summer months.


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