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Nachal Chuzari
Israel Extreme » Nachal Chuzari

Nachal Chazuri

On top of the highest mountains in Israel lies a challenging hike nestled under Mt. Hermon, the highest mountain in Israel. This adventure starts at Nebi (Navi) Chazuri and finishes by Nimrod's castle… Along this very technical trail you will navigate along a very steep, narrow canyon that contains many small waterfalls which provide a real sense of extreme adventure… On this hike we will also observe a famous Druze holy site, learn about their culture and secret religion…

Nachal Chazuri only has running water a few weeks a year anywhere between January and March… Be prepared to get your feet wet! Not only will you experience extreme on this adventure but you will get a real taste of nature on this hike as well; the very old oak trees peppered along the hike and the rich wildlife are truly breathtaking…

You can either do this hike as a shorter option or continue onto Nachal Guvtah that takes you all the way down to the Banias Nature Reserve.

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