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Nachal Mishmar
Israel Extreme » Nachal Mishmar

One of the most peaceful desert canyons to hike through, Nachal Mishmar captures Mother Nature's beauty. We will gaze upon Jordanian mountains past the Dead Sea and take in the beauty of the Dead Sea itself.  We will admire stunning natural pictures in the limestone rock. We will see desert animals and marvel at the lovely plants abound.  The hike is a circular route, which means we start at the same point we finish. During the hike we will follow a marked trail that will lead us deep into the dessert until we reach a small spring named Ein Mishmar. Active all year-round, this spring attracts wildlife and is a beautiful place to relax and to feel the desert quiet. We will pass through deep, narrow canyons, so narrow that at some points, you have to squeeze very tightly to get through. From this point, we return through a different trail that leads us through the magnificent mountains back to the Dead Sea area and to your car. This is definitely one of the most beautiful and deepest canyons in the desert.

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