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Special Occasions
From your child’s first tandem skydive, through to marriage proposals, bachelor and bachelorette parties or grandma’s 70th birthday, whatever the reason we will make it a truly special occasion! Skydiving has a very extreme effect on the soul. Most people become very emotional and even sometimes cry tears of excitement during and after their skydiving experience. For these reasons, skydiving is very popular for proposals of marriage, emotional statements and romantic gestures. We would be happy to assist you to make sure your special moment is exactly what you dream of and more!
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Skydiving in Israel – Is It Scary?

Many people see skydiving mistakenly as a very scary sport. The truth is that this is just not true. If you will speak with people who had gone skydiving in Israel you will only get comments such as, “A total experience” – Lior S., “An amazing exciting spiritual rush!” – Amber T., or “Let’s do it again!!!” – Tal R.

We have never met anyone who has gone skydiving with Israel Extreme and said that it was a terrifying experience. Compared to bungee jumping, for example, the response we hear a lot from people is “It was amazing and terrifying at the same time!”, or “I am happy I did it, but once is ENOUGH!” The reason for this is that for most extreme activities, especially true bungee jumping, the height is more tangible and after you jump the bottom does get closer very quickly. This heightens the fear that you really are going to hit the ground!”

The difference is that skydiving is done from 11,000’. At this altitude, the view is beautiful and the height is no longer tangible. Even though you are free-falling for almost a full minute, at terminal velocity, the view stays identical and you never get the feeling that you are about to hit the bottom. On the other hand, free-falling at a speed of 200 KPH with the wind smashing against you, the feeling is like that of a bird in the air…a marvelous and amazing experience…nothing like it! You are left speechless but not terrified.

Many people dream of flying. How great is it that in our generation it is really a possibility. Free-falling from such an altitude is intoxicating and the amazing speed creates a sense that something huge and wonderful is happening. In addition, the slow, graceful soaring at the end of the jump, after the free-fall when the parachute is opened, is something wonderful.
This completes the scene, like a gentle caress after the exhilarating madness of the free-fall.Private tours in Israel

Skydiving Gift Certificates

The perfect gift for your friends or loved ones! Give them an experience they will remember for a lifetime! A gift of a jump from an altitude of 11,000 feet! An incredible experience that will leave a big smile on their face and adrenaline in their blood for a long time afterwards!
Order your gift certificate now!
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