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IDF Army Base/Lebanon Border ATV Tour
Israel Extreme » IDF Army Base/Lebanon Border ATV Tour

IDF Army Base/Lebanon Border Jeeping/ATVing Tour: We will experience exhilarating steep ascents and descents through the mountains. Along the way we will drive through running rivers (in season) and have panoramic views of the Kinneret and the spectacular Galilee landscape. We will hear about the history, geology, flora and fauna of this unique ecosystem. We will drive up to and tour along the Lebanese border in the eastern Galilee where Kibbutz Malkiyya is located.

Here we will meet up with another very special tour guide, who is also a local farmer on the Kibbutz.  This is a tour not found in any visitors guide or tour book of Israel. This is a journey behind the scenes, a look at life on the Lebanese border, "living an ordinary life under threat".  You will have the unique and rare opportunity to meet with I.D.F combat soldiers who are on-duty guarding the nearby Lebanese border.  We will spend time on the getting to know the combat soldiers, watch them in action up close and personal. Sometimes we even get a chance to climb onto a tank! 

We will also review the geo – political situation while enjoying great views at the observation points, tour the local agricultural orchards, and depending on the season, we will plant fruit trees near the border fence, and/or taste the seasonal fruit (in the summer and autumn). Walking through the kibbutz paths we will also visit the bomb shelter of the kindergarten which portrays well what life near the Lebanese border is like. This unique and amazing tour will give you a better understanding of the conflict, the lives of the soldiers protecting our Land, and everyday life at the border from an up close and personal perspective.

Jeeping and ATVing in Israel - Private tours in Israel
Jeeping and ATVing in Israel - Private tours in Israel

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