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Jeep Tours in the Center
Israel Extreme » Jeep Tours in the Center

Jeep Tours in Central Israel
Take an ehilarating ride and enjoy exciting ascents and descents through beautiful terrain, and includes amazing views of the Jerusalem mountains and the surrounding forests. Each jeep can take seven passengers. Choose from one of the following:

1) Two-hour jeep tour in the Jerusalem mountains,

2) Four-hour jeep tour in the Judean wilderness;

3) Six to eight-hour jeep tour in the Judean desert:

These tours will include exhilarating steep ascents and descents through the desert mountains. Along the way we will have panoramic views of the Dead Sea, Jordan, and the spectacular desert landscapes. We will see the nomadic life of the Bedouins, desert birds and animals, and hear about the history, geology, flora and fauna of this unique ecosystem.

Jeeping in Israel - Jeep tours in Israel

Jeeping in Israel - Jeep tours in Israel

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