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Hike & Rappell - Southern Israel
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Hikes with Rappelling in Southern Israel - The Southern part of Israel has a more harsh landscape and more challenging terrain. It is characterized by its’ desert and mountains. The wondrous views and extra-ordinary quiet are unique to this region which has the largest variety of adventure hikes in Israel.

There are many canyoneering hikes in this region which require the use of ropes, and where you must swim, rappel, and rock climb in order to complete the hike, such as Nachal Darja and Nachal Chatzatzon. The combination of the yellow desert sand with the bright blue Dead Sea is exhilarating and inspiring.

This region demands from our Israel Extreme guides’ expert knowledge and experience of the desert, and a high familiarity with the specific hike. Even though this part of Israel is known for its’ adventurous and challenging hikes, we also offer a variety of hikes throughout the desert which are suitable for families with young children and people with no experience at all, such as Nachal Gishron.

Of course, whoever is looking for tough, ambitious and adventurous hiking in Israel, this region is heaven on earth!

» Nachal Rachaf
Canyoning in Israel: Ladders, pools, swimming and rappelling in one of the deepest, narrowest canyons in Israel. 
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» Nachal Darja
Canyoning in Israel: Amazing downhill hike in Israel through one of the deepest and most impressive canyons
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» Nachal Tamarim
The Nachal Tamarim Adventure includes hiking and rappelling in Israel's Dead Sea canyon's.
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» Nachal Chatzatzon
Canyoning in Israel - The largest and longest canyon in the country!
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» Nachal Tur
Canyoning in Israel: Rappel down dry waterfalls in an ancient water-carved canyon.  
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» Fox's Chimney
Explore this amazing salt cave in Israel!
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» Nachal Kumran
A remarkable desert hike in Israel that includes rappelling.
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» Nachal Gishron
Canyoning in Israel: Spectacular colorful sandstone canyon in the Eilat Mountains.
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