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Caving in Israel
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Caving in Israel

Private Tours in Israel Caving in Israel

The Land of Israel is home to the most diverse and special collection of caves in such a small area. In our tiny country, we have natural limestone caves, lava caves, hand-carved caves (which were carved for various uses 1000’s of years ago), and Israel’s crown jewel, natural salt caves.

These amazing salt caves are a geological phenomenon which exists in only two places in the world, in Israel and Iran (there are a few other places which have salt mines which are mistakenly thought to be salt caves. They are actually hand dug quarries, not naturally formed caves.) The mystery of the unknown is what makes spelunking / caving in Israel so special.

Going spelunking / caving in Israel gives you the opportunity to put your feet where no one has ever walked before, or where the last person who stepped there lived thousands of years ago. You will also be part of the exploration and discovery of new things. While caving in Israel you will feel like you are discovering a new world.

Israel Extreme's private caving tours in Israel are in: the Golan, Galil, Galilee, Jerusalem, Judean desert, Negev, and in the south of Israel.

For each of Israel Extreme’s spelunking / caving tours in Israel, we take into consideration the ages, abilities, skill levels, and preferences of our clients, and will also adjust the type of caves we take our clients to depending on whether you are a large group, small group, or single traveler. So we can asure you a great caving in Israel experience.

We also take very seriously the delicacy of the caves in Israel. Unfortunately, we are unable to take people to most of the truly special caves in Israel, due to the extreme fragility of these caves.

Lucky enough, we have a large variety of amazing caves which we have kept secret from the general public which we do take people to! That makes caving in Israel with Israel Extreme a truly unique experience.

Caving in Israel is a way to discover New Caves and Treasures

At Israel Extreme we are very lucky to employ a few guides who work as well for the Cave Research Center at Hebrew University which also serves as Israel’s national speleological organization (they discover, perform the first entrance and map the new caves in Israel).

Overtime, our guides were part of very big and special discoveries of caves in Israel:
1) the discovery of Ma’arat Ayalon, where eight new animal species not yet know to science have since been discovered,

2) the discovery of a cave in the Beit Shemesh area where a treasure trove of coins, including many gold coins, dating back to 70 C.E., the time of the destruction of the 2nd Temple (one side of the coin is imprinted with an image of the holy temple in Jerusalem and the other side is imprinted with the four species used during the holiday of Sukkot: etrog, lulav, myrtle and willow), and

3) the most spectacular stalactite/stalagmite cave in Israel, which we call Abirim Cave, which is so far the most amazing and special salt cave ever found in the world. Due to our guides’ involvement in discovering new caves, there are a variety of caves in Israel which are only known to Israel Extreme, and we are the only company guiding caving tours there.

Private Tours in Israel Caving in Israel

Advantages of A Private Tour Caving in Israel

A big advantage of going spelunking / caving in Israel is the fact that you don’t have to worry about seasons, temperature, daylight or lack thereof, since the caves are isolated completely from the outside and keep a constant temperature of the average outside temperature of that location for the year.

This means that in the winter you will feel warm and in the summer you will feel cool. Of course, the fact that it is day or night outside doesn’t affect your caving (spelunking) since light doesn’t come in. You are using artificial light from a headlamp/light.

To all our caving addicts, the isolation from the world above and wandering around in the pitch dark with only headlamps to light your way, researching, exploring, and having all of your senses heightened, is the most thrilling, exciting, adrenaline rush and at the same time extremely calming experience which no other tour above ground can compare to.

In addition to the fact that the location of the most amazing caves in Israel is kept a secret, it is also forbidden to enter them without 1) a special license, 2) an expert guide that knows the particular cave and is equipped with the specific gear each cave requires in order to get in and out and move about (many caves in Israel include rappelling and rock climbing and need gear specifically designed for caves), and 3) most importantly a guide which holds a map of the cave. It is import to remember that inside a cave, you are truly isolated from the outside world. There are no cell phone signals and or other ways to contact the outside.

Private Caving in Israel

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