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Rock climbing
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Rock climbing in Israel is a thrilling sport that challenges both the mind and the body. 

Israel has many rock climbing sites, each with its own unique views, different types of rock, and varying means of access. The various sites provide a wide range of difficulty, from climbs for beginners with no experience to ascents that challenge professional climbers; we arrange rock-climbing tours for individuals, groups or families, for people of all ages and skill levels, from those with no experience at all to those who have done very difficult climbs.

One advantage of an Israel Extreme Rock Climbing Adventure is that we start from the bottom of the cliff, and climb to the top, so each person only has to go as far as he or she feels comfortable. It is not necessary to climb all the way to the top, Every climber will be belayed back to the ground, whether from part-way up or from the very top.

All our guides are professional, licensed, and experienced both in the sport and in teaching and leading groups. We provide all the necessary equipment for each person using the best high-end equipment to provide maximum comfort and safety.

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Rock climbing in Israel is a wonderful activity for the whole family. Each person can climb as high as he or she feels comfortable, and then be belayed back down to the ground.
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