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Jeep Tours and ATVing
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Israel Extreme Jeep Tours and ATVing Adventures are a great way to see off-the-beaten-track sites! We can arrange jeep tours in all areas of the country: in the Golan, the Galil, the Judean desert and the Negev. This is a wonderful option for groups with young children, older participants, people with disabilities, and anyone who wants to have an exciting and unusual adventure without a great deal of physical exertion.

» IDF Army Base/Lebano...
ATVing and Jeeping in Israel - exciting excursion in the north with an opportunity to meet with I.D.F combat soldiers on-duty guarding the Lebanese border.
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» ATVing
Amazing ATVing in Israel - ride through the forests of the Naftali Mountains and Keren HaNaftali!
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» Jeep Tours in the Ce...
Jeeping in Israel - Judean Desert, Jerusalem Mountains, Jerusalem Forests!
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» Jeep Tours in the No...
Jeeping in Israel - This will include hours of exhilarating steep ascents and descents through the mountains.
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