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The Land of Israel has many caves, and caves of many sorts. Some caves have historical and archeological significance, some have spectacular stalagtites and stalagmites, some are spacious caverns and some have narrow crevices and deep tunnels. Israel Extreme can add caving (spelunking) to your itinerary for a unique adventure experience. Israel Extreme works for the government helping to find and map the caves of Israel. As we are the ONLY tour company in Israel that knows the location of some of the caves we offer, you can be one of the few people that have visited them to date!

» Ma'arat Nikavot
Caving with rappelling in Israel-The most magnificent and beautiful of the thousands of man-made tunnels and caves in the land of Israel.
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» Fox's Chimney
Explore this amazing salt cave in Israel!
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» Abirim Stalactite Ca...
Abirim Cave is a magic underground fantasyland of amazing sculptural formations! Caving in Israel: A unique extraordinary experience!
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» Alma Cave
Rappelling, rope swinging and caving in Israel - All at one site!    
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» Haritun Cave
Haritun Cave, the longest and largest limestone cave in Israel
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» Luzit Cave
Rappelling, rock climbing and caving in Israel - all at one site. Easy, fun, and all activities optional! 
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» Caving in Israel
Caving in Israel: limestone caves, lava caves, hand-carved chalk caves, and Israel’s crown jewel, natural salt caves.
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» The Salt Wonder
This is very special since it's a combination of canyon and salt cave - hiking underground.
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