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Our Most Popular Rappelling Adventures
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Israel Extreme offers exciting rappelling adventures for everyone - from beginner to advanced! These are some of our most popular adventures in Israel:

» The Salt Wonder
This is very special since it's a combination of canyon and salt cave - hiking underground.
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» Keshet Cave
Some of the greatest rappelling in Israel!
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» Black Canyon (Nakik...
Hiking, Swimming and Rappelling in Israel - In Israel's wild Golan!
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» Alma Cave
Rappelling, rope swinging and caving in Israel - All at one site!    
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» Fox's Chimney
Explore this amazing salt cave in Israel!
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» Nachal Darja
Canyoning in Israel: Amazing downhill hike in Israel through one of the deepest and most impressive canyons
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» Ma'arat Nikavot
Caving with rappelling in Israel-The most magnificent and beautiful of the thousands of man-made tunnels and caves in the land of Israel.
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» Upper Galilee Canyon...
An amazing canyon hike in the north Galilee. Includes rappelling, rock climbing and down climbing...
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» Gesher Bnot Yaacov
Rappelling in Israel with adrenaline rushing Bungee Swoop, Zipline, Commando rope, and Swimming!                        
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