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Nachal Gishron
Israel Extreme » Nachal Gishron

Nachal Gishron: The southern part of the Eilat Mountains is a unique area where igneous rock mountains and sedimentary rocks meet. The landscape is bisected and carved by deep vast canyons that stretch their outlets into the Arava and the blue Eilat bay.

Essentially, this region is part of the spacious vastness of Sinai. Nachal Gishron is the southernmost of the canyons that go down from the Eilat Mountains to Eilat Bay. It zigzags its way along the Egyptian-Israeli border among various kinds of rocks.

The Upper Gishron is a nice easy ring route that takes us in a riverbed past spectacular and intriguing canyons into the colorful sandstone. Families can readily do the walk along the riverbed in a short time. Along the way we come to a beautiful dry waterfall which you can choose to rappel down or walk around. Walking the whole canyon is more of a challenge and takes the whole day to complete.

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